Moving Home With British Gas

Why call British Gas when moving home?

Moving home can be stressful. Thankfully arranging gas and electricity doesn’t have to be. From making those final metre readings to ensuring fuel bills are up-to-date, the British Gas team is on hand to offer expert advice – one call is usually all it takes. If you need to contact British Gas you can find the phone number just Click Here

To make life easier we have covered some of the most common scenarios many people encounter when moving home.

Before you move

When moving home is it important to give your energy supplier as much information as possible.

Essential details required:

  • Both old & new address
  • New contact numbers
  • Meter Readings
  • Moving Date

How to take your meter reading

There are three main types of meter, namely a digital, imperial and dial metres. Here are tips for reading each:

Digital Meter – use the 5 numbers from left to right, do not use the digits after the decimal point (these may be shown in red)

Imperial Meter – use the 4 numbers running from left to right, do not use the numbers shown in red

Dial Meter – use the 4 dial running from left to right, reading the bottom row only. Opt for the lower number on the dial unless the hand in between the 0 and the 9 in which case choose the 9. Please note that each dial turns in the opposite direction to the dial before it.

Electricity Meter

There are three types of electricity meter namely the singe rate, two rate and the dial meter here are tips on how to read all three:

  • Single Rate – use the 5 numbers running from left to right, ignore any digits in red
  • Two Rate – many of these meters only have one digital display. It is often necessary to press a small button on the face of the meter to reach the most recent reading
  • Dial Meter – read the first 5 dials, ignoring the dial marked 1/10. If the pointer is between numbers opt for the lower digit

Still having problems reading your meter? Why not call our dedicated British Gas contact number? A member of the British Gas team will talk you through the process.

Home Care Customers

Please inform British Gas should you also wish to transfer your Home Care plan to your new property. Customers who are fuel and Home Care is simply just Home Care customers can typically move services from property-to-property.

Informing of your house move online

Domestic customers, landlords, letting agents and house builders can all keep the British Gas team informed online via

Once online, simply leave your contact details and a member of the British Gas will get in touch. Alternatively, if you would like to speak to an adviser today please call.

Remaining Credit

If you have credit on your meter it is important to let British Gas know at least 2 days prior to the move. Customers are sometimes asked to take their card, token or key to their local PayPoint to remove any extra credit.

Refunds are usually made into your British Gas account or may be sent by cheque. Cheques must be cashed within 6 months of issue.

Closing your account? If no money is owing, simply inform British Gas, leave your card, token or key at the property and the account will be closed.

Direct Debit Payments

If you would like to call to discuss your Direct Debit payments, lines are open from:

8am until 8pm on a Monday to Friday

8am until 6pm on a Saturday

Closed Sundays & Bank Holidays