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EDF Energy Contact Number

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We all have to contact our energy supplier these days. Be it reading the meter, changing tariff or simply trying to make sense your latest bill. However, you will be pleased to know that making contact with EDF Energy could not be simpler. As well as making it easy to be in touch, there are now a variety of ways for you to contact us with your concern or request for information.

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EDF Energy Contact Number – 0843 515 9436

Contacting EDF Energy

We all have to contact our energy supplier these days. Be it reading the meter, changing tariff or simply trying to make sense your latest bill. However, you will be pleased to know that making contact with EDF Energy could not be simpler. As well as making it easy to be in touch, there are now a variety of ways for you to contact us with your concern or request for information.

About EDF Energy
At EDF Energy, we supply over 6 million residential and business accounts with electricity or gas making us one of the largest energy companies in the UK. We employ over 15,000 people across the UK and produce around one-fifth (20%) of the nation’s electricity; this makes us the UK’s largest supplier by volume. This is something we are very proud of and we want to maintain our position by providing you with the best possible customer service.
EDF Energy has two separate business activities. We generate electricity and also provide customer supply. The first part of the business is self-evident, operating the power stations to produce the electricity for consumers to use. As part of electricity generation arm, we have new nuclear building projects at Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C. This is allowing us to invest in the future of nuclear energy, enabling the country to diversify its future energy mix so that it is not totally dependent on one source of fuel.
The second half of the business involves buying gas and electricity from the wholesale market to sell onto our customers. EDF Energy doesn’t actually produce gas; instead, we buy it from the wholesale market to supply to our customers.

Switching Your Energy Supplier
These days, switching your energy supplier could not be easier. Financial advisers encourage people do it regularly. Be assured that we will do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is provide your personal details and a meter reading and we will do the rest. You do not even have to let your current supplier know that you are changing to EDF Energy as we can do that for you.

Although we make it easy, some people see changing energy supplier is a big decision and they may find it difficult. To reassure you, we provide a cooling off period so that, even if you have agreed a contract with us, you still have 14 days to change your mind, cancel your new contract with us and stay with your current supplier. As a result, you have nothing to lose by accepting a quote and, often, everything to gain by switching.

Contacting EDF Energy
Energy supply is a vital resource in this day and age and there are a huge number of reasons for people to want to contact EDF Energy. Some of the many reasons are: emergencies (gas leaks, power cuts and other dangerous occurrences), problems with bills, and, commonly these days, people looking to move from one company to another. This last reason may simply because of a house move but, more and more recently, consumers are looking to change supplier to find a cheaper tariff.

You can now contact us via the company website (www.edfenergy.com/) by telephone, post, social media or email, whichever suits you best. It is easy and all our staff are trained to make sure that you are given the highest priority as a valued customer.

Customer Service is our highest priority and we want to help you because, in a competitive environment, it is important to make the customer feel valued.

We are always keen to talk so please use the Contact Number if you want an issue resolved by a human being on the other end of the telephone. You will find our Contact Number listed on the website and in the information later in this article and we are open to talk to you Monday to Friday, 8am-8pm and 8am-2pm on Saturdays. Our helpline is there to ensure that matters are resolved as speedily as possible because your time is valuable and your concern is our concern!

On the other hand, you may have a simple query that can be resolved promptly and efficiently by use of an email. An online alternative to e-mail is Live Chat which allows you to deal with an advisor by sending written messages to which you will receive immediate replies. Many people find this a reassuring way of solving problems because they know that they will receive an instant reply and not have to wait days to resolve an issue. Online help is available Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm, if you want to get in touch, and one of our team will help you with your query.

If the internet is not your thing and you want to write to use, we would be happy to respond to your letter. Our contact address is:

SME Customer Services
EDF Energy
334 Outland Road

If you are someone who is at ease with technology, then EDF energy is the place to be. You can manage your account online, download and pay your bills securely and manage your meter readings all with the click of a mouse. If you are keen to help the environment, there is no need to have hard copies at all – you can sign up for paperless billing. It can all be done through the My Account section of the website. You also now monitor your situation on the go using your mobile phone or device to contact EDF. It has never been simpler and there have never been so many ways to stay in touch with your energy supplier.
Social Media
EDF Energy also has a high profile on social media these days and you can tweet us @edfenergycs or find us on Facebook. You can also like us on Facebook while you are sending a message. Using any of these methods, we will be happy to answer all your energy questions. You can also keep up to date with our animated friend, Zingy; his adventures can be seen online via YouTube and Facebook.

We have new nuclear building projects at Hinkley Point C and Sizewell C so that we can invest in the future of nuclear energy to diversify the country’s future energy mix. This project will also provide a huge number of employment opportunities in the local area and throughout Britain. You can find out what is new with this project by following it on Twitter and you can get lots of interesting facts about nuclear energy in the process.

You can also use our online help to stay up to date with the latest energy news and market trends that affect your business. There is a selection of blogs from energy industry experts and you join the energy conversation on social media through our LinkedIn page.

Business Customers
If you are in business and want an energy quote, there are three possible points of contact. Initially, you can get a quote online by answering a few simple questions. Alternatively, to get advice and find the best tariff for your firm, simply ring us on our Contact Phone Number. It helps to speed up matters if you have your usual energy consumption statistics at hand for that call. You can also request a call back from our helpline to discuss a business quote with one of our trained expert advisors.
If you are a large business, then EDF are the specialists for you. Our Large Business Section can deal with your queries and help with finding the right tariff for your specific needs. If you have a large number of sites, over 50 for example, we have all the experience to give you the right information and guidance on obtaining the right energy advice. Again, simply use the telephone number given below.

Contact: Domestic
To speak to EDF’s customer services, call our helpline now on phone number: 0843-506-9241.
Opening Times:
Monday – Friday:
Gas and Electric enquiries for existing customers – 08:00 – 20:00.
National Gas emergency service – 24 hours.
Gas and Electric sales enquiries – 08:00 – 20:00.
Direct Debit (monthly or quarterly) set up – Automated 24-hour service.
Gas and Electric enquiries for existing customers – 08:00 – 14:00.
National Gas emergency service – 24 hours.
Gas and Electric sales enquiries – 08:00 – 18:00.
Direct Debit (monthly or quarterly) set up – Automated 24-hour service.

Contact: Business

We recognise that you will have different needs from our domestic customers and so our helplines are designed specifically for your requirements. We are ready to solve a query on your account, move onto a new product or tariff, allow you to submit a meter read and anything else that you require. Please use the following phone numbers:

Business customer services (Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm)

0800 096 2255
Business Movers (Mon – Fri 8am – 5pm)
0800 404 7413
Business meter reading (24hr)
0800 404 7421
Business sales (Mon – Fri, 8am – 5pm)
0800 015 9097
Calling from abroad – all enquiries (Mon – Fri 8am – 6pm)
+44 113 820 7118

When Things go Wrong
Like those in all big companies, the EDF contact number staff also have to deal with a huge number of people calling for straightforward administrative matters, such as moving house or adjusting direct debit details. In addition, there are always individuals who have general enquiries or need to make a complaint. Thankfully the EDF Energy customer service staff can quickly and easily manage both of these matters.

If things go wrong, we are committed to having one of the lowest levels of complaints of all major energy suppliers. Having said that, even in the best organisations, people will make mistakes and IT systems inevitably go wrong on occasions. When errors occur, we promise to put things right as quickly and as politely as possible.

We believe that happy customers are loyal customers so, if you have a concern, do be assured that it will be dealt with seriously and efficiently. We pride ourselves on our customer services and want you to experience that so that any difficulties or misunderstandings can be cleared up as quickly as possible.
If you do need to complain, it is very straight forward and we guarantee to listen carefully to your concerns. We will aim to resolve complaints by the end of the following working day. At times when our helpline is busy and when complaints are complex this may take longer, but we will inform you if this is likely to be the case. If you’re unhappy our handling of your concern, you can follow our complaints procedure which gives you the right, in the final analysis, to resolve matters independently by the Ombudsman.

For all the above reasonss, it is in our best interests (and yours) to solve the problems as quickly as possible. Your feedback helps us to make us a better company. If you show us that something that we are not getting right, we will do all we can to fix it.

Our Tafiffs
Energy tariffs can seem complicated to consumers so we have done everything we can to simplify every aspect of our service. We’ve made a real effort to make our tariffs easier to understand make it simpler for you to compare them with other suppliers and find the right one for your individual needs. We have also reviewed our letters to customers to make sure that they are clear and easy to understand. We are proud of the fact that the Plain English Society approve of our terms & conditions, as well as the information on the back of our bills. On top of that, our information is available in Braille, large print, audio format and also in different languages.
We believe that consumer confidence in the industry has taken a dip in the last few years. Here at EDF Energy, we are playing our part in rebuilding trust in the energy sector. We are open, honest and transparent in the way that we do business and reflect this in our performance targets which are based on three promises to you, our customers:
we give you fair value;
we provide better service; and
we make it all as simple as possible.

Why not give get in touch and call the EDF Contact Number? Call 0843 515 9436