EA Sports contact number – 0843 504 7728

Need help finding a phone number for EA Sports?

We understand how hard it can be to find the right number for customer services. Click the button below and you will be connected directly to EA Sports. It's that simple!


EA Sports are one of the largest gaming companies in the world with a growing customer base. Those customers will occasionally need to query things about the product. It is important that the EA Sports contact number is easy to find.

Contacting EA Sports​

EA Sports are well known for their sports simulators games, such as FIFA & Madden franchises. They along with their NBA & NHL games are updated annually. Glitches and errors are rare, but they do happen. Customers need to be supported through such scenarios.

Evolving these games takes research, but the gamers want to come back year after year to a fresh and stronger product. Many pro-active gamers use the EA Sports contact number to feed back and develop the next games, even in the smallest of ways

Dealing with EA Sports customer services

The company has expanded beyond the 'sports' tag too. They are particularly active in the Star Wars franchise. They have developed games such as Star Wars: Battlefront, Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes & Knights of the Fallen Empire. These games have brought a new personality to the EA Sports brand. There are many who play both, but the cross over between sports lovers & science fiction is comparatively small.

The newer fans of the brand need to develop belief and loyalty for EA Sports. The confidence a good customer service call can bring is essential. EA Sports employees need to be able to help in a number of scenarios such as when customers have connectivity issues, deeper problems with the EA server, which can be a technical trouble-spot or learning more about EA Access.

Calling the EA Sports contact number​

No matter how well written a website can be, for some, there is no better way of getting piece of mind than to speak to a friendly person who will answer their questions. Most of us have suffered connectivity problems at some time on some platform or other. Getting timely help is invaluable. Having easy access to the EA Sports contact number is a real benefit at such times.

An added benefit of the internet is that often EA Sports can fix issues after release. Twenty years ago, when Fifa or Madden were starting, that just wasn't possible. Patches & Fixes are achieved more easily now. This is a real help for consumers. Nobody wants a bad gaming experience.

But software companies need information. They employ testers, but they aren't infallible. Gamers want fixes as soon as possible. EA Sports contact number provides an opportunity for games & developers to work closer to ensure, FIFA, Madden & Star Wars games and better in the short term & the long term.


Who are
EA Sports?

EA Sports are an arm of the EA video game publishing company. EA are responsible for sports simulation games, including the FIFA, Madden and PGA Tour series. You can find out more about EA Sports here.

Who will I be put through to?

Calling EA Sports on 0843 504 7728 will put you in touch with a member of their customer services team. They will solve any issues you have had with games they have published, including issues with online payments and account login errors.

When can I call their phone-line?

The EA Sports contact number is open 24/7

What can I get help with when I call the EA Sports contact phone number?

  • Errors in online purchases on video games such as FIFA 16 and Madden 16
  • Reporting a login issue with an online EA Sports game
  • Issues with pre-ordered video games
  • Problems during use of FIFA 16 Ultimate Team feature
  • Making a complaint