Call EDF Energy Number – 0843 515 9436

EDF Energy Contact Number

Looking For the EDF Energy Contact Number For Customer Services 0843 515 9436

Calls to 0843 numbers cost 7p per minute plus your network charge from Bt landlines Mobiles may be considable more.

Emergency number

If customers smell gas or think they have a gas leak, after opening all windows and doors, they should call the 24 hour gas emergency services on 0800 111 999.

About EDF Energy

As they are more than committed to providing reasonable tariffs on their gas and electricity supplies, EDF Energy is one of the most notable and largest energy providers in the United kingdom, supplying around six million homes and businesses with gas or electricity. Being one of the largest energy providers in the United Kingdom, there are a number of different ways to contact the company and several different departments to get in touch with depending on the customer’s query and/ or question, making it as easy and convenient as possible for their customers to get straight through to the relevant department that they require and quickly without any fuss, so that the customer connects to the right department first time and gets their problem and/ or query dealt with as quickly as possible.

Relevant contact numbers for EDF Energy Customer Services and other information

General Enquiries for EDf

If prospective customers are not 100 per cent certain about making the switch to EDF Energy, they can call and speak to an adviser who will go through and explain each of the tariffs available, billing and accounts, and answer any preliminary questions a consumer might have.

For general enquires and information about different services provided, there are a number of different ways to contact EDF Energy.
Via chat service online- this enables customers and prospective customers to chat live with an EDF Energy adviser and discuss any issues, queries and complaints.

Via email- this requires the customer to fill out their contact details and the reason for their email and the company will in turn respond to their email.

Via telephone on 0843 515 9436.

Opening hours for this number are as follows:-

  • Monday 9:30-6pm,
  • Tuesday 9-6pm,
  • Wednesday 9-8pm,
  • Thursday to Saturday 9-6pm and Sunday 10:3-4:30pm.

Please note that there are different contact numbers devoted to different department(outlined in the next few sections).
Via written letter- the company’s address is as follows, Smallway, Congresbury, North Somerset BS49 5AA

Getting a quote and signing up to EDF Energy

For new home-buyers or those looking to switch to EDF Energy, contacting the big energy provider couldn’t have been made simpler. Firstly, by visiting the company online via, new and prospective customers can easily learn how to switch to or join EDF Energy by simply clicking on ‘Get a Quote.’ After doing this, customers can then go on to choose the tariff which best suits them and their individual needs, i.e. how much gas and electricity they use on a regular basis. If the customer needs help with signing up to EDF energy online, then they can always talk to someone via telephone, on the following phone number, 0800 056 5927. 0800 numbers are indeed free if calling from a UK landline but will accrue charges from a mobile phone. Customers will need to make sure that they have the relevant details available and ready to give to the adviser so that they can come up with, match or even beat the best quote.

New EDF customers- Tariff sales

Customers can discuss different tariffs, compare price rates and decide which tariff and package offers them the most for their money. All of this can be de done and easily accomplished through talking with an adviser who knows the best rates and tariffs for the customer.

The following number can be called for information on different tariffs, changing tariffs and tariff sales: 0800 096 4063 and the hours available for taking calls are Monday- Friday between 8am- 8pm, and on Saturday between 8am and 2pm.

If a fixed tariff is coming to an end and a customer wished to discuss this with customer services, then the relevant number to call is 0800 096 7355 on Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, or on a Saturday between 8am and 2pm.

EDF Energy on Social Media

For those customers who prefer to contact EDF customer services via social media, there is good news. The company has several social media accounts for their customers to acquire information and get their queries answered and dealt with both quickly and conveniently. Via social media, existing customers are able to give feedback on the service provided, help prospective customers come to a decision about either switching to or joining them as their new energy provider. Customer services can be found on Twitter and Facebook. Customers can tweet a question to @edfenergycs, i.e. customer support services on Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm or find them on Facebook and either post a question on the company’s online wall, or like them and send a private message with a question or query again Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm, and someone will reply as quickly as possible.

EDF Account Queries

For those existing customers who need either help or advice regarding their account, the first thing they can do is fill in a request online. This is done in a matter of five or six simple steps after logging on to their online account. Frequents questions or requests revolving around accounts are usually based on accessing previous meter readings and using them to compare to other energy provider tariffs, changing direct debit details or amount to be paid, submitting a new meter reading, prepaying a pay as you go amount or making the company aware of a change of address or other circumstances. While filling out an online form has been made as straightforward as possible by EDF Energy, some customers prefer to discuss their options and giver their personal details to a person on the other end of the phone. For those customers with queries regarding their account the fastest way to get directly through to a person in that relevant department is by calling 0800 056 7777 on Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm or on Saturday between 8am and 2pm. For those wishing to set up their direct debit, whether on a quarterly or on a monthly basis, they can call EDF Energy on 0800 096 2260.

Looking to pay through the company’s automated service telephone service?

For customers wishing to pay their bills in the fastest way without needing to speak to an adviser, they can do so via calling EDF’s automated 24hr bill payment and meter readings service on 0800 096 2260.

Looking to set up a pre-payment via Pay As You Go?

By calling EDF Energy on 0800 015 1736, customers can easily set up a prepayment meter and pay their bills when it is most convenient for them.

EDF Energy debt helpline number

EDF Energy is both experienced and respectful when helping their customers to work out ways to pay their bills on time without overstretching their budget. Customers can talk to an EDF adviser for free on 0800 269 450, who will talk to them and help them find a way to pay that best suits them before they get into any (more) debt. For those needing and wanting a little more support, by contacting the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, they will get any information and guidance from an adviser for free. They can contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau free on 0800 156 6666 from a landline and on 0300 330 0519 from a mobile phone. This enables the customer to get independent debt advice.

EDF Complaints Procedures

As with any other business or company, there can be ‘teething problems’ and issues which EDF Energy are more than happy to solve and improve. The business is committed to solving its customer’s problems both effectively and efficiently, not to mention as quickly as possible so that there isn’t a delayed process for the customer. The customer’s needs being met is the priority when a complaint is brought. There are several ways in which a customer can make a complaint whatever that complaint might be. Firstly, the customer can contact EDF by calling the Complaints Resolution Team free on 0800 051 1643 on Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm. Secondly, they can email the Complaints Resolution Manager at or thirdly, they can write to the Complaints Resolution Manager at, Freepost EDF Energy- Complaints Resolution Manager. Via each of these ways, customers are able to air their grievance/ complaint directly and hopefully come to a resolution. Furthermore, if customers wish to air their complaint in a face-to-face manner, they can do so by visiting one of their business premises. While complaints are normally dealt with and solved within 5 working days, if the customer isn’t satisfied, then they should contact the Customer Service Director’s Executive to help resolve the complaint either by emailing or writing to FREEPOST EDF ENERGY – CUSTOMER SERVICES DIRECTOR. In the unlikelihood that the customer is still unsatisfied with the way in which their complaint has been handled, they can contact the Citizen’s Advice Bureau, with offers both free and independent advice and can be contacted and kept informed every step of the way through the complaints procedure if the customer so wishes.

Priority Services Helpline

In addition to all of the above, EDF Energy is deeply committed to providing the best of services to all of its customers and prospective customers, without leaving anyone at a disadvantage. For those individuals with hearing impairments and difficulties, EDF Energy has set up a Text telephone service so that they can get their needs met and the queries answered as easily as any other customer. For those needing to use this service, the number is 0800 096 2929.

If customers feel that they have special requirements can opt to add their details to EDF Energy’s Priority Services Register- a list of customers who require special or extra care, for example, customers who are blind or visually impaired, elderly customers, customers who are chronically sick and customers with speech difficulties. By being on this register, EDF Energy aims to make every step easy and straightforward. To be placed on the Priority Services Register, all that needs to be done is to contact the Priority Services helpline free on 0800 269 450 or just simply fill out the form online and submit straight away.

In addition to this, EDF Energy knows that some people might not have access to either a landline to call or an internet connection to send an email. That’s why they’ve made it easier for them by having a separate number for them to call which works out cheaper than calling any of the other numbers from their mobile phone. This number is 0113 820 7117. Finally, if trying to contact EDF Energy from abroad, the number to call is +44 (0)1138 207117.

EDf Energy Emergency contact number

If customers smell gas or think they have a gas leak, after opening all windows and doors, they should call the 24 hour gas emergency services on 0800 111 999.

EDF Energy and businesses phone numbers

Small businesses- Getting a quote

Not solely used in a household, EDF Energy is also one of the front-running energy providers in both small and large businesses. If switching to EDF Energy, a business can get a quote automatically online after filling out a quick form with information such as postcode and gas consumption details, and then requesting a call- back with a quote, or get advice and find the best tariff for their business needs, call free on 0800 015 9097 on Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.

Business customer services number

For general enquiries, if a small business or company needs to contact EDF Energy to discuss their gas and electricity supplies, they can call free on 0800 096 2255 on Monday to Friday between 8am and 6pm. If calling from abroad, the number to call is +44 113 820 7118 on Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Meter readings for businesses

When looking to obtain a meter reading for a small business, customers can call free on 0800 404 7421 and this number is 24 hours.

Large businesses

Large businesses which consist of 50+ sites can also benefit from EDF Energy supplies. Getting a quote is just as simple for a large business as it is for a household and a small business. All the company in question needs to do is either fill out the form online at and request a call back, call free on 0800 328 0404 or email to discuss which contract is the best one for the business.

Customer services

For general queries and questions regarding their EDF Energy plan, large businesses should call on 0845 366 3664.

Revenue Management

For help and advice regarding managing the business’ revenue and energy contract, the number to call is 0845 302 7337, or instead a quick email can be sent to I&

Moving location

If a business is moving sites or location, EDF Energy can quickly and easily change over the gas and electricity supply to the new location, but if they aren’t given a decent amount of time, the business move can be held up. Making the move can be done quickly either by filling out and submitting EDF’s online moving location form, calling the Business Moves Team on 0845 301 3530, or sending a quick email to It is important to remember that EDF Energy needs to be contacted 28 days before the business move.

Complaints procedure & EDF Energy complaints number

If there are any problems, EDF Energy needs to be informed via their complaints procedure so that they can help solve the problem as quickly and as effectively as possible. There are four ways to get in touch with EDF Energy to fill out a complaint. Firstly, a complaint can be issued by calling the company’s highly trained Business Advisers on 0843 515 9435 to discuss the complaint. Secondly, by writing to B2B Complaint Investigation Team, EDF Energy, Gadeon House, Grenadier Road, Exeter, Business Park, EXETER, EX1 3UT. Thirdly, by emailing EDF at: and finally by visiting their following business premises- EDF Energy, Gadeon House, Grenadier Road, Exeter Business Park, Exeter, EX1 3UT.