Amazon Prime contact number – 0843 902 7090

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Amazon Prime is part of the Amazon company and is perhaps most well know as being an instant video service. However Amazon Prime offers it's customers much more then that. This article will have a look at the services provided by Amazon Prime and the benefits of becoming a member. Prime offers their customers a choice of three packages which can be paid for by a monthly or annual subscription. Prime Video is a popular option for customers who are interested in movies and TV. This package allows users to live stream movies and TV straight from the internet. Movies can be viewed in HD, ultra HD or HDR - and all of this can be explained with a call to the Amazon Prime contact number. The package is £5.99 per month payable by direct debit. Another package offered by Prime is the Prime annual subscription. This package includes, instant video, photo storage as well as some great shopping options. The Prime annual subscription allows users to search and view thousands of movies and TV shows. Movies can be viewed instantly; there's no need to wait for them to download.

Phoning the Amazon Prime contact number

Another great feature of the Prime Annual subscription is that it allows users to store unlimited photos easily and securely. These can then be viewed from any computer or mobile device by logging into your Amazon account. Prime Annual members will also be able to search for and borrow kindle e books for free. Amazon has a database of thousands of popular kindle book which can be borrowed with no due date. This is perfect for avid readers. The Prime annual subscription includes access to millions of songs and playlists which can be listened to instantly. Choose from a wide selection from different genres.

Who are
Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an on-demand video streaming service provided by the online marketplace Amazon. The service is subscription based and users also receive free next-day delivery on certain products on the Amazon store.  More information about Amazon Prime can be found here.

Who will I be put through to?

Calling Amazon Prime on 0843 902 7090 will put you in touch with a member of their customer services team. They will provide help with subscription, streaming and delivery options when using the Prime service.

When can I call their phone-line?

Judging by their website and feedback from customers, the Amazon Prime contact number can be reached at most times of the day - and seems to run 24/7 customer service in one way or another.

Calling Amazon Prime Customer Services

Enjoy shopping and getting great deals with Amazon? This membership includes some improved shopping features. There's unlimited one day delivery on millions of items with no minimum order value. This feature is great for getting that last minute gift. There's also 30 minute early access to lightning deals on,By getting an annual Prime membership it will give you the best year round value. A once per year payment of £79 is paid by direct; this works out at just £6.58 per year. To subscribe go to the amazon website. Alternatively Amazon Prime membership is available as a monthly subscription at a cost of £7.99 a month. This subscription will give you all the benefits of the Amazon prime annual subscription on a pay monthly basis.

What can I get help with when I call the Amazon Prime contact phone number?

  • Information about Amazon Prime subscriptions
  • Assistance and advice about cancelling an Amazon Prime membership
  • Issues with Amazon Prime delivery
  • Making a complaint